1. What is the core business of Antelope Enterprise Holdings Limited (“Antelope Enterprise”)? Antelope Enterprise primarily engages in social ecommerce livestreaming that increases sales for consumer product companies; its platform has access to over 400,000 online hosts and influencers.. 2. What are Antelope Enterprise’s exchange, and CUSIP? Antelope Enterprises Holdings’ common stock is traded on the NASDAQ Capital Market under the symbol “AEHL”. Its CUSIP number is G041JN106. 3. When was Antelope Enterprise Holdings Ltd. Established? The predecessor of Antelope Enterprise, China Ceramics Co., Ltd., was incorporated as a limited liability company under the laws of the People’s Republic of China on September 30, 1993. 4. How many shares outstanding? As of May 15, 2023, there were approximately 13.5 million shares outstanding. 5. When is the next earnings release? Antelope Enterprise’s reports earnings twice a year; its earnings report is scheduled to be released three to four months after the end of each six-month period. All earnings reports are posted on our website. 6. When is Antelope Enterprise’s fiscal year end? Antelope Enterprise’s fiscal year ends on December 31st. 7. How can access the email list to receive all press releases? To automatically receive email alerts for the categories of information you are interested in, Email Alerts’ to http://www.aehl-kylin.com/h-msgBoard html   8. Who is Antelope Enterprise’s outside investor relations firm? Precept Investor Relations is our outside investor relations firm. The main contact is David J. Rudnick at +01 646-694-8538 / E-mail: David.Rudnick@preceptir.com. 9. Who is Antelope Enterprise’s independent auditor? Centurion ZD CPA Limited is Antelope Enterprise’s independent auditor. 10. Who is Antelope Enterprise’s outside counsel? Hunter Taubman Fischer & Li LLC is outside counsel to Antelope Enterprise. 11.  Who is Antelope Enterprise Holdings Ltd.’s transfer agent? Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company is currently acting as transfer agent for Antelope Enterprise Holdings Ltd’ 17 Battery Place, New York, NY 10004, (212) 509-4000.
Antelope Enterprise Holdings Limited

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